A: Russian stimulation uses medium frequencies to provide electrical stimulation to muscle groups and is used to reduce muscle spasms as well as for muscle strengthening. Russian stimulation is a specific form of electro-stimulation with a Symmetrical Biphasic Square waveform produced by dividing a 2,500Hz carrier frequency into 20 ‒ 80Hz packets. This method was claimed by its author (Kots) to produce maximal muscle strengthening effects.
A: Interferential Stimulation (IF) is an anti-inflammatory based treatment modality. Interferential stimulation is characterized by two alternating-current sine waves or square waves of differing frequencies that “work” together to produce an interferential current that is also known as a beat pulse or alternating modulation frequency. One of the two currents is usually held at 5,000Hz,and the other can be held constant or varied over range of 5,001 to 5125Hz. Because of the frequency, the interferential wave meets low impedance when crossing the skin to enter deep into soft tissues.

The interferential currents reportedly can stimulate sensory, motor, and pain fibers. These large impulse fibers interfere with the transmission of pain messages at the spinal cord level. This deep tissue penetration stimulates parasympathetic nerve fibers for increased blood flow and edema reduction. It utilizes the low electric-current to stimulate muscle nerves to achieve the symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, post-traumatic pain, and postsurgical pain.
Q: What is TENS?
A: The TENS targets your pain precisely, Effectively and Safely. People who experience pain relief from TENS may be able to reduce their intake of pain medications, some of which can be addictive or cause adverse side effects. TENS Unit may also alleviate pain that results from the following conditions:endometriosis,arthritis,sports injuries,multiple sclerosis,fibromyalgia,painful diabetic neuropathy,spinal cord injury.
Q: What is EMS?
A:Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). It can stimulate brain signals through low-frequency microcurrents, causing the muscles to contract spontaneously at high frequencies. With EMS, it’s possible that 20 minutes of exercise have the same effect as traditional fitness for 6 hours, making it more easy and time-saving to reduce fat, increase muscle, shape the body and achieve rehabilitation. You can also enjoy the benefits of EMS through the following ways: 1) Relieve muscle atrophy 2) Injured muscle recovery 3) Stimulating deep muscles 4) Promote metabolism 5) Shaping your muscle lines
A:The massage function is non-medical function. The Massage stimulation program provides relaxing muscle vibration to loosen tight muscles. Massage can regulate various physiological functions of the human body through direct or indirect stimulation of human acupuncture points, meridians or the nervous system. Massage takes the body into a relaxed and recovery mode and is a exercising treatment that can maintain and improve flexibility. It works on muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints, making your joints smoother and less susceptible to injury. It can also help to relieve pain, reduce state anxiety and reduce blood pressure.
Q: How to identify the model of my machine?
A: You can refer to the cover the user manual in the machine box to identify the model of the machine. You can also identify the model by comparing your product with the pictures and words in this website.
Q: What is the difference between the red and black connectors of the electrode wire? Is it the positive and negative poles on the manual?
A: The red connector and the black connector are only used when the multi-channel electrode wires are used at the same time to distinguish the electrode wires of different channels, and there is no positive or negative electrode. The positive and negative electrodes on the manual are only used to indicate the pasting method, and do not distinguish between positive and negative electrodes.
Q: How to know the differences between each treatment therapy?
A: You can refer to the description of the parameters of each treatment therapy in the instruction manual or packaging materials.
Q: My machine has no body parts indicators. How to know which program to choose?
A: For R-C3 and R-C4D, we designed universal treatment programs, each program is suitable for different body part, so you can choose the program that feels the most comfortable, or refer to the manual or program letter for the technical parameters of the program.
Q: How do I choose a treatment program that best suits me?
A: If you have strict requirements on the frequency and wavelength of the treatment therapy, you can refer to the program parameters in the manual and then select the corresponding treatment program. If your machine has instructions for the body part (R-C1, R-T1, R-E1, R-C4A, R-C4B), just select the treatment programs according to the corresponding part. If your machine does not have a corresponding body part (R-C3, R-C4D), it means that it is a common treatment procedure for each body part. You can choose the program that you feel the most comfortable, or you can refer to the frequency, wavelength and other parameters in the manual.
Q: What is the appropriate output intensity?
A: It varies from person to person, you can set it to when you feel the most comfortable and effective.
Q: Why can't I switch modes after using for a few minutes?
A: The machine has designed the auto lock function. You only need to press any [-] button or press the [ON/OFF] button then to switch the mode.
Q: Can the BEEP sound of the machine be removed?
A: Yes, take R-C1 as an example. Just press and hold the [B] button to remove the button sound. Press and hold again to restore the button sound.
Q: Can the two channels work independently?
A: Yes, the two channels can work independently, and you can control the intensity separately, and use them for different body parts (but only one part can be selected for each program).
Q: How to customize my own program?
A: Take R-C1 as an example(If your tens unit is the version with adjustable program).You can adjust the default settings for U1 program in TENS and EMS modes. 1) Press the [P] button to switch to U1 program in the standby mode. 2) Press and hold [M] button to enter the setting interface. 3) Press the [P] button to switch from the settings of the Frequency(Hz), the Pulse width(μS) and the treating time(min). 4) Press any [+] button to increase the number and [-] button to decrease the number. 5) Press the ON/OFF button the confirm your setting. 6) When you change to U1 program in your TENS/EMS treatment, your newest settings will be in use.
Q: Can your products be used in the head?
A: No, it can only be used under the head. And pregnant women can not use.
Q: Can the electrode pads be reused?
A: Yes, our electrode pads are made from Japanese imported gel and can be reused 10-15 times. Rinse it gently with clean water can remove dirt or hair.
Q: What should I do if the electrode pads is not sticky enough?
A: You can rinse it gently with clean water. If it still doesn't work, it is recommended to replace the electrode pads.
Q: Can the electrode pads be purchased separately?
A: Yes, you can contact us through the contact information at the bottom of the page. We will recommend a professional and convenient way for you to purchase.
Q: I still didn't find the answer to my question, what should I do?
A: Please refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page and select any method to send us your questions or request. You can also click the “Online Message” button on the right side of this page to leave a message for us. We will normally reply in 24 hours. Thank you!

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